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Hipstamatic! …at Prospect New Town

Out again with photographer David P.  First off, we went to Sandstone Ranch before first light.  I think we had about 30 seconds of “good” light and then it went downhill from there.  So we took a walk, then went out for coffee at Longmont’s Prospect New Town Neighborhood.  We were mulling over my ONE PHOTOGRAPHY RULE TO LIVE BY…which is to always get at least one good photo on a shoot.  At that point we had zilch.  So, as we were driving out, we spotted this old building which had been moved here for some future renovation…it sits amidst some pretty cutting edge architecture.

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My Love Affair with Industrial Things

Longmont, Colorado, along the St. Vrain Greenway

Cement Plant

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National Western Stock Show, Part II

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National Western Stock Show…and shearing sheep

Some scenes from Denver’s 2012 Western Stock Show…

Onto a sheep shearing demo…wish those photographers would get out of the way, ha ha

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Where in the World is Ordos?

This is the third installment of my Inner Mongolia, China, one-year retrospective continued…

Bellboys admiring the view! Click on image to see location on Google Earth

Early morning view...minus 20 degrees outside

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Cold Desert, Bactrian Camels and 3 Helpers…

Mongolian camel herders/tenders were hired to assist with framing duties

Click here to read about this in Boulder’s Daily Camera Newspaper

The Desert Art Palace

Statues buried by the sand

Fellow photog Joe Lipka

I assume these umbrellas provide much needed shade in the hot summers...

Indigenous bactrian camel


One Year Later…Inner Mongolia

In October, 2010, I attended the Atlanta Portfolio Review ( and met with two Chinese curators, a Miss Yan Li and Mr. Cai Huan-song.  A week later I was formally invited to visit Inner Mongolia, China, along with about 11 other American photographers.  We were invited to attend the inaugural exhibition and photo festival of the Xiang Sha Wan Art Show.

I arrived on December 29th, 2011 and returned home on January 6, 2012.  Our experiences in Inner Mongolia were very memorable.  The Americans bonded and we met so many outstanding Chinese photographers during our time there.  Xiang Sha Wan is the “Sand Bay” of the Gobi Desert, meaning it is on the far eastern edge of the desert.  It is a destination location for Chinese families on holiday, usually in spring, summer, and fall.  Alas, we were there in the dead of winter…

In honor of my first anniversary, I am posting a series of photographs taken in China, mostly in Baotou and Erdos, and the desert.  There are definitely some common threads seen throughout the imagery, energy consumption being an obvious theme.

I will continue to post photos from China in the coming days so stay tuned…I will definitely post more upbeat images next time!

The above image was the first place winner in the “Earth Through a Lens” photography competition .  If you are interested, the call is now open for this year’s exhibition, closing date January 21!

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