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Ft. Lauderdale…backroads

Spent a week in Ft. Lauderdale recently, visiting family.  Each morning I would take off for a run along the ocean, fanny pack stuffed with my iPhone and some $ for cappuccino…Not too much into traditional scenics, this time I thought I’d look at my surroundings from an “architectural” perspective.  Of course, I love the way light reveals and conceals little architectural treasures.

Playing with Iris Photo App for the iPhone….I found this barge so interesting, parked along the intercoastal, apparently replacing someone’s boat dock.  Always wondered how they did that.

Loved the way the sailboat masts stuck out above the drawbridge


Honorable Mention! Professional Women Photographers 2012 International Call

I am very honored to have an image, Vacation Home, selected by famed photographer Mary Ellen Mark in the category of Honorable Mention.  In total, there was one grand prize, four first prizes, four second and third prizes, 13 juror’s’ selection, and  25 HM’s out of a total of 1800 international submissions.

I don’t have the link yet (that will be available March 1), but here’s the website and the image:

This image can be viewed on my new website design very soon, still awaiting some final touches.

Check out my temporary new site:

iPhone Art…cottonwood branches

An image created with my iPhone and several apps, including Hipstamatic, Iris, and Photocopier…

My personal website is down so I am going to play a little bit instead of troubleshooting, how about it???

DISPARATE things, same place

I met a fellow photographer late yesterday at a reclaimed gravel mining operation now turned wetlands.  Interestingly, this wetlands area is right next to a gravel mining plant.  I chose two images to convey this disparity.  They include two of my favorite subject matters: nature study and industry.

Oriole's nest

gravel pile

On reflection, I will note that the land was there first (no kidding!), then it was mined, then it was “reclaimed”, and turned into wetlands.  It is now called “Walden Ponds” (another no kidding!).  Again, Colorado, the land of contrasts.

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