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One spring morning

I drove like mad to make it to the sunrise, hah!  That’s impossible, oh right.  So I stopped to take a photo with my iPhone and it simply wouldn’t focus.  Turns out, I like it this way.  This will be utilized for later photo composites…

Moving right along, I liked the way this golden sunrise lit up the grasses…

I then stopped at the St. Vrain Greenway for a brisk walk, checking out the trees especially…everything is about ready to pop with new life. (All photos taken with iPhone 4s)

Morning Journey (Hipstamatic)

There’s a dirt road I drive down almost every morning, off the beaten path.  I travel that way simply because it’s deserted and often times I see eagles, pheasant, geese and coyotes.  In winter, I’m passing through there as the sun rises above the horizon, creating a pink glow.

As I continue down these roads, I pass farm fields covered with snow, just waiting for early spring.  In one such field there are old rubber tires and a discarded upholstered easy chair.  I imagine a farmer sitting out there…waiting.  Then I wonder what goes on in their homes during the long, dark winter.  There’s a feeling almost of abandonment, even though I know that it’s just the season.

This image came together as I was considering and imagining these things.

Hipstamatic! …at Prospect New Town

Out again with photographer David P.  First off, we went to Sandstone Ranch before first light.  I think we had about 30 seconds of “good” light and then it went downhill from there.  So we took a walk, then went out for coffee at Longmont’s Prospect New Town Neighborhood.  We were mulling over my ONE PHOTOGRAPHY RULE TO LIVE BY…which is to always get at least one good photo on a shoot.  At that point we had zilch.  So, as we were driving out, we spotted this old building which had been moved here for some future renovation…it sits amidst some pretty cutting edge architecture.

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Who doesn’t love a full moon?

The view of Mt. Meeker and Long’s Peak, as seen from Quail Road, near the Longmont Rec Center.  I’m always interested when I see agricultural land and businesses “colliding”…very Colorado.

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