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Nature as Metaphor

What DO I see in Nature?  Beauty…becoming my metaphor for melancholy.  Not depressing, rather, embracing the fullness of being fully present.

Reservoir Reflection


MONGOLIA Exhibition Opening March 8, 2013

Please join us at the  DAIRY CENTER FOR THE ARTS in Boulder, Colorado for this exciting group exhibition SAND &  SNOW: Inner Mongolia

Sand & Snow: Inner Mongolia
Two years ago, ten American photographers were invited to attend the Inaugural Xiang Sha Wan Photography Festival in Inner Mongolia, China, for New Year’s Week, 2011. We hailed from L. A., Washington, Pennsylvania, Alabama, N.Y., Oregon and Colorado.


Meeting Our Needs

This region of the Gobi Desert, known as Xiang Sha Wan, is known for its “singing sands”, its Bactrian camels, and the rich cultural influence of the Mongolians. A few cities such as Ordos and Baotou, also afforded us a more rural experience.

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Our first few days were spent at the remote Desert Art Palace, matting and framing the portfolios we had brought with us, for the art show and festivities.

Inner Mongolia was unforgettable in many ways. We mingled with hundreds of Chinese photographers eager to take our pictures. The landscape was both beautiful and harsh. The people were friendly and incredibly hospitable. The bitter cold windy weather was tempered by the warmth of our hosts. Delicious food, unforgettable entertainment, and total immersion in this ethnic Mongolian area of China’s outer reaches, all made for rich subject matter and fond memories.

Maureen Ruddy Burkhart 

–        2013


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