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Nature as Metaphor

What DO I see in Nature?  Beauty…becoming my metaphor for melancholy.  Not depressing, rather, embracing the fullness of being fully present.

Reservoir Reflection


Euphoria at 9,000 feet…

One of my oldest and dearest friends spends her summers at 9 thousand feet, (sort of ) near Guffey, Colorado.  That would be about 2 hours west of Colorado Springs. In one day we had sun, wind, clouds, torrential rain, hail, sleet, snow, cold.

I love this place.  It speaks to me through the clouds, native gramma grasses, the trees that grow so strong at this altitude. In the natural world, the strongest survive here.   Bye for now, friend.

Blackened Earth: Beauty in the Burn

Southern Wyoming also had its share of wildfires this summer…

I went up there a few weeks after the burn to see the land of some friends who almost lost their home to one of the wildfires…adobe walls, a metal roof, rocky landscaping and a LOT of dedicated firefiighters were able to save it!  I didn’t photograph the house, but instead investigated the land surrounding it.

Vote for “Ancient Beauty 2” !

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iPhoneography, this is part of a series “First Day”, based on using the winter sunrise as an integral part of my  image composites. The rising sun indicates rebirth, starting over, hope.

All kinds of hills

manmade piles of river rock, bark mulch, and dirt

Morning light reveals a natural hill

Best kind of hill…the anthill

Who doesn’t love a full moon?

The view of Mt. Meeker and Long’s Peak, as seen from Quail Road, near the Longmont Rec Center.  I’m always interested when I see agricultural land and businesses “colliding”…very Colorado.

Ice Frisbees

Went for a fast walk this morning (had to, to keep warm), and had a thought that I should bring the old camera.  With the 50mm 1.4 attached, it’s easy enough to strap it cross-wise and still have my arms free to keep up a good pace.

Lo and behold, I saw something I’ve never seen before, something I can only describe as “ice frisbees” floating on the St. Vrain River, just below the dam. I assume that large chunks of snow fell into the water and down the waterfall only to find themselves spinning around in the current…spinning themselves into little frisbees. And of course I saw a few other delights along the way.

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